Magnus Bane

"For almost a century, I've closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone. Man or woman. You've unlocked something in me."

–Magnus to Alec, Of Men and Angels
Protrayed by Harry Shum Jr.

Biographical Information

Name: Magnus Bane
Age: Approximately 400
Species: Warlock
Title: High Warlock of Brooklyn
Current Residence: Brooklyn, New York


Known Relatives: Unnamed Mohter (decreased), Unnamed Step-father (decreased)
Significant other(s): Alec Lightwood (boyfriend)/ Camille Belcourt (ex-girlfriend)/
Imasu Morales (ex-boyfriend)/ Dorothea Rollins (ex-girlfriend)
Status: Alive

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Yellow (without glamour)/Dark brown (glamoured)
Distinct feature/s: Cat Eyes


Magnus is intelligent, wise, caring and
deeply compassionate, understanding people's
motivations with ease due to the experiences
he's lived through over hundreds of years.He is
incredibly protective of his people, considering
his role as their leader seriously and taking
responsibility for the safety of all warlocks. This
protective instinct is not limited to warlocks
only, as he has also helped many new
Downworlders navigate through the Downworld. Magnus
has difficulty leaving people who
need help and guidance to fend for themselves,
though he would sometimes request heavy
payment from those affiliated with the Clave and their
ideals, or complain as he lends people a hand. Magnus
can be sarcastic and never
hesitates to snap a witty retort when annoyed or hurt. Magnus
is openly bisexual, having been with many men
and women, both mundane, Downworlder, and, most recently,
a Shadowhunter.

Skills and Abilites

Immortality: As a warlock, Magnus has been granted
immortality. Physically, Magnus does not age
and has maintained the appearance of
a young man for centuries.
Magic: Magnus has access to magical
powers that often manifest themselves
as flames or smoky sparks at his fingertips.
Magnus is capable of casting spells,
performing summoning rituals,
healing, and memory magic.