Maia Roberts

"Right... patience isn't really my thing."

–Maia to the Seelie Queen, Beside Still Water
Portrayed by Alisha Wainwright.

Biographical Information

Name: Maia Roberts
Species: Werewolf/ Former Mundane
Occupation: Hunter's Moon bartender
Current Residence: New York


Known relatives:

Unnamed parents
Unnamed brother (decreased)
Significant other(s):
Simon Lewis (boyfriend)
Jordan (ex-boyfriend)
Status: Alive

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Distinct feature/s: Claw marks on her neck

Physical Description

Maia has brown skin, thick, curly hair. She has a big scratch on the left side of her neck.


Maia is brave, stubborn, and extremely loyal to her friends. Although
she doesn't like talking about it, she struggles
with trust issues due to her troubled past and
often uses humor and sarcasm to mask her true feelings.

Skills and Abilities

Lycanthropy: Being a werewolf, Maia possesses the
ability to transform into a wolf. She also gained enhanced strength
and speed, more grace in her movements, and
accelerated healing ability.
Skilled hand to hand combatant: Maia has shown some skill in combat.
Mixologist: Maia is a bartender and has shown skill in mixing alcoholic beverages.

Credit: Maia Roberts’ Wiki