Raphael Santiago

"Do you remember the shame you felt when your brother found us together... my fangs in your arm? All it takes is one moment of weakness, and we'll be back there. I'm bad for you, Isabelle."

–Raphael to Izzy, The Fair Folk
Portrayed by David Castro.

Biographical Information

Name: Raphael Santiago
Age: Over 78 years old
Species: Vampire
Head of the Brooklyn vampire clan
Current Residence: Hotel Dumort, New York


Known relatives:
Rose Santiago (sister)
Camille Belcourt (former)
The Clave

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color:Dark brown


Raphael is elegant, ambitious, and cunning. He is also always well-dressed,
typically in a crisp suit. Appearance is important to Raphael, both
in the way he dresses and the authority he projects.
In spite of his lack of interest in sexual relationships,
he still experiences romantic feelings
and finds them worth pursuing. While cold to most,
he can show himself to be warm and caring to people that tear down his walls.
Family is something that means a lot to him, and while
he is not incapable of threatening someone
else's family to get them to behave the way he would like them to,
he has no tolerance for anyone using
his last remaining family against him. Raphael
still cares for his younger sister
by making her dinner and spending time with her in her old age. He also cares
for Magnus and has great respect for him. When injured, however,
he goes to Magnus before returning to his clan. He also considers
his vampire clan his family and would go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Raphael still has faith and his religion
is part of who he is, even as a vampire.

Skills and Abilities

Encanto: Raphael has the vampire ability to
mesmerize or hypnotize mundanes.

Superhuman strength: Raphael is considerably strong, able to level in
combat even Shadowhunters.
Superhuman speed: Raphael can run at speeds comparable to Shadowhunters. His
reflexes are similarly heightened.
Immortality:As a vampire, Raphael is immortal. However,
this does not make him invincible; he
is in fact prone to death by sunlight and fire, among others.
Bilingual: Raphael fluently speaks English and
is shown to also speak Spanish.

Credit: Raphael Santiago's Wiki