Simon Lewis

"Well... Considering you're trying to get vampires, werewolves and warlocks to play nice... you might wanna get used to some rejection."

–Simon to the Seelie Queen, Hail and Farewell
Portrayed by Alberto Rosende.

Biographical Information

Name: Simon Lewis
Age: 18 Species: Vampire (Daylighter)/ Former Mundane

Current Residence: New York


Known relatives:
Unnamed father (deceased)
Elaine Lewis (mother)
Rebecca Lewis (sister)
Helen (grandmother)
Significant other(s):
Maia Roberts (girlfriend)
Clary Fairchild (ex-girlfriend)
Brooklyn vampire clan (former)
Status: Undead

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown


Simon is intelligent and talented, especially with music. He's the
first to find humor in any situation, often resorting to jokes to lighten the mood,
out of nervousness, or to make a reference.
He has a good relationship with his mother and sister,
as well as close ties to his Jewish heritage. Simon can be a good friend to anyone
who reaches out to him. He is willing to put his fears aside to protect those dear to him. He
prefers avoiding conflict at all costs, but will not hesitate to throw himself into the fray for the sake of someone else. He
is not a bitter person and forgives those he loves quickly,
although it is more difficult for him to forget if someone
threatens or hurts his family. Simon used to wear glasses as a mundane but
lost the need for them after being Turned into a vampire.

Skills and Abilities

Heightened senses:After his Turning, his vision improved and he no
longer needed glasses. He can also smell blood from a distance.
Superhuman strength:Simon became physically stronger
as a vampire. His stamina,
agility, and movement also improved.
Superhuman speed: Simon can run at speeds comparable
to Shadowhunters. His reflexes
are similarly heightened.
Encanto:Simon has the vampire ability to
mesmerize or hypnotize mundanes, and
even animals.
Immortality:As a vampire, Simon is immortal. However,
this does not make him invincible; he
is in fact prone to death by fire,
among others.
Immunity to the sun:After drinking Jace's blood—a Shadowhunter with additional, pure angel blood—
Simon became impervious to the typical vampire
weakness to the sun and thus gained the ability
to freely walk in daylight. His
blood also protected him from the power of the Soul-Sword. Capable arms fighter:Simon has been shown to possess
good instincts and reflexes in armed combat.
Skilled musician::Simon has shown skill in multiple facets of music;
he sings, plays the guitar and keyboard,
and also writes and composes songs.

Credit: Simon Lewis’ Wiki