University of California (Los Angeles)

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Location: Los Angeles, CA 90095

Type of college: 4 year

Total enrollment of the college: 44,947 (2016)

Number of undergraduate students: 30,873

Number of graduate students: 12,675

Percentage or number of male students: 43%

Percentage or number of female students: 57%

Ethnic representation of the student body: about 50%

Student/faculty ratio: 17:1

Average SAT/ACT score of admitted freshman:

ACT English Language Arts. 28 - 32

Yearly tuition:

Total – California Residents- $33,604; Total – Nonresidents- $61,618

Number of majors the school offers: >125

Number of student organizations/clubs the school offers:

>1,000 clubs and student organizations

List at least one major you are interested in at this school: Photography

List at least two student organizations that you might be interested in joining: